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1. Brussel sprouts sauteed in wholegrain-mustard

2. Red cabbage and apple slaw

3. Warm cabbage and bacon salad

4. Asparagus and egg salad

Simple salad combinations

Salads need not just be a summer dish, salads to me are any vegetables thrown together with little or no cooking served with a delicious dressing. Salads can easily be bumped up to a meal by adding protein in the form of meat, fish or cheese. Check out these easy and tasty combinations…


Spinach, beetroot and feta with a balsamic dressing
Cos lettuce, walnuts and blue cheese with a creamy Ceasar style dressing
Asparagus, egg and lemon juice with a good olive oil
Avocado, tomato and cucumber au natural
Shredded red cabbage, grated carrot and sesame seeds with a light oil and vinegar


Sauteed spinach, roasted cherry tomatoes and  grilled ham pieces au natural
Boiled brussel sprouts sauteed with bacon and garlic
Sauteed cabbage, ham and red onion au natural
Cannellini beans, spinach and garlic with a good splash of olive oil
Cubed potatoes, chopped gerkins and capers  with a rich mayonaise

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