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You would have thought being interested in food and living in New Zealand it would have been much sooner that the Opera sisters discovered chokos. Alas it was only through our blog and a mammoth seasonal photo shoot of fruit and vegetables that we really decided to conquer the choko. I am pretty adventurous when it comes to food, put it this way I will give everything ago once, but the choko has never inspired me. I didn’t even know what it looked like on the inside or what you could actually do with them! I remembered seeing choko chutney at school fairs and charity shop stalls. Its usually handmade by experienced Nana’s and sounded like a plan for the food fight.

What a success, its more mellow than just straight tomatoes, cheaper especially if they have fallen off the neighbours tree and a great neutral base to add spice or heat.

What you need

2 chokos peeled and diced
1 apple peeled and diced
2 tomatoes diced
1 onion diced
1 cup of sugar
1 teaspoon of salt
1 1/4 ups of vinegar
1 or 2 chopped chillies

How to make

Mix all ingredients in a saucepan on low until the sugar has dissolved.

When the sugar has dissolved, bring to the boil then turn down to a simmer for about 11/2 – 2 hours until the mixture has reduced and thickened up.

Pour in to sterilized containers if preserving or a cute chutney jar with a lid if eating soon.
When cool if eating soon, refrigerate or else store away for treats later.

It is said that things like this get better with age, mine didn’t last very long to find out!

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  1. dirtgirl says:

    Made this relish today as friend gave me kilos of superb Chokos. Added extra spices, ginger, garlic and cloves and though it seemed to take ages to get it to a thick chutney style, it finally got there and tasted lovely especially with cheese and biscuits. Will be making up more batches now that my test run was so successful!

  2. Thats fantastic, They are such an unusual fruit however they make a pretty fine chutney, even better with a bit of delicious cheese. Your comment has motivated me to make some chutney this winter – now, where would I find a bag of chokos???

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