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I always have leftover ham in my fridge. My 5 year old son eats ham and mayo sandwiches 5 times a week in his school lunch and by the time the weekend comes around we are all over ham but don’t want to waste whats left over. Here are my top ten ideas to use up the small bits of celebration ham on the bone or slices left over from school lunches…Vanessa

1. Add ham to macaroni cheese to add more flavour.

2. On an English muffin or hamburger bun, add ham,  spaghetti and cheese for an afternoon snack.

3. Wrap around a prune and secure with a toothpick for a party snack – even better throw them on the BBQ.

4. Make a croque-monsieur and pretend you are sitting in a Parisian cafe.

5. Get the bone and any leftovers and make pea and ham soup.

6. Make a ham, egg and pea fried rice – the kids love it.

7. Put a boiled egg chopped with pieces of ham in a wrap or tortilla and make it into a parcel and put into the panini maker for breakfast. (I do this most mornings)

8. Make deviled ham in your food processor.

9. Make a ham and cheese souffle.

10. Make ham, pineapple and red onion kebab sticks and throw on the BBQ.

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