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Meet Sara Wardrop


Working for Fisher & Paykel for six and a half years, Product Evaluator and Food Blogger Sara Wardrop has the kind of job that many foodies dream about. On top of her usual 9 – 5 duties, Sara is a judge for F&P’s Let Them Bake Cake, and shares her favourite things about her job, food blogging tips and her response to the age-old foodie question: sweet or savory? 



So, what exactly does a ‘Product Evaluator’ do? 

I test refrigeration appliances to ensure both food care and usability are optimised for the end user.  No two days are ever the same.  I could be temperature testing refrigerators or writing user manuals. Some days we might be testing meat to see how long it lasts in different storage conditions or using butter to evaluate whether a new material has the potential to taint food.

And you also contribute to the Fisher & Paykel ‘Our Kitchen’ blog. 

Yes, as a food blogger I am one of seven who create, cook, style and photograph recipes to be shared on Our Kitchen.  We shop together, then cook and style the shoot to the theme.  Our photographers Emma and Adam take the beautiful photos then if there is time, we sit and eat together and clean up together.

What are the best things about your job?

It an extremely rewarding job when you are focused on benefiting the end users, our customers.  I feel very lucky to work with some really innovative and creative people.

Once a month I get to work exclusively on the blog– being given the opportunity to develop recipes, cook and style shoots – what could be better than that?

The most surprising thing you’ve discovered about Fisher & Paykel since you joined the team?

How many foodies there are here at F&P! It’s awesome when someone you would have otherwise never met comes up to you to tell you that they tried the lamb roast recipe from the blog in the weekend or to ask you whether you have a good recipe for a carrot cake.

Any insights or bits of advice for other bloggers & foodies?

Let your personality shine through your writing and styling.  And reply to every comment.

And finally… Sweet or savory?

I was such a savory person until I hit 30 and developed a sweet tooth.  I get intense sweet cravings before bed so always keep a block of dark chocolate in the fridge.

If you’re a foodie and love baking, check out Let Them Bake Cake – Fisher & Paykel’s bake off. Post a photo of your baking and you’ll be in to win a $10,000 Baking Grand Prize! Go to: Let them bake cake

Quick-Fire Five with Sara:

I never leave the house without: a muesli bar & my cellphone

My favourite places to visit are: Supermarkets in foreign countries.  I get so excited exploring new food and packaging!

If I were stranded on a desert island: I’d take….. my husband, my cat and muesli bars.

My best handy appliance tip is: Love your appliances.  Cleaning them regularly will mean they will be kind back to you and last the distance.

And a secret recipe I love is: banana ice cream.  Take frozen bananas and process until creamy.  So delicious and guilt free!

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  1. Genie says:

    Great review ladies. I love the Our Kitchen blog. It’s a shining example of a successful company blog without a hard sell or faceless drivel. Gorgeous photos and interesting recipes too. Sounds like an amazing place to work!

  2. Bobby says:

    Wow, I totally want your job!! And I’m a muesli bar junkie too.

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