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As much as I love my 3.85 yr old son’s kindy artwork, there is so much of it, it ends up being stored in a bottom drawer never to be seen again. So I’ve been on the lookout for some way to de-clutter the drawers and display it. I have to admit, I cheated. As much as I would love to stand proud and say I hand cut all these squares perfectly and lined the pics up and stuck it all together, I actually went to a picture framer and paid handsomely for it! I’m a working mum, so for me, it was money well spent ($140 NZ Dollars) and time I simply didn’t have.

display kids art on wall

However, there are so many ways to get the same effect without that price tag or much effort at all – you could buy a cheap canvas, go to a picture framers and just pay for a mount to be cut to size with an even number of holes for the pics and you could simply spray glue it all together. Or, buy a picture frame with mounts already in place for the pictures. Just make sure at least one of the pictures has your child’s name and date somewhere. Ingrid

Here are some other great ideas for displaying your kids artwork

diy kids art

1. Bunting – Simply cut triangles, and hang with string – super cute, great idea for a kids or summer party.

2. Circle collage – You pay a fortune for this style of print at homeware stores. I know because I actually considered buying this $300 printed (mass produced) graphic framed print from Freedom recently, but what a better story it would be to cut out your kids artwork into circles and frame it for life.

display kids artwork

3. Clipboard – Vanessa is a big fan of these. Cheap and cheerful and artwork can be updated constantly.

4. Triangles – Another simple idea that looks super stylish. Just grab yourself a canvas, cut your kids artwork into triangles and glue away. Start with the outside edge first and work in to the middle.

display kids art

5. Squares – a years work of art to make you smile.

6. Storage dump frame – ha ha How clever is this frame, even the name makes me laugh. I find all sorts of random items dumped all around my house, thanks to my 16 month old daughter. Now I can turn it into a masterpiece!

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