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Simplicity is a concept I am striving to achieve. I often feel bombarded with stuff, in my house, in my actual mailbox, my e-mail box, my car and you guessed it my life. The theory goes if you organise your stuff, your life will become less hectic, freeing up your time and making you feel calm and relaxed. In our grandmothers day she didn’t have anywhere near the stuff both Ingrid and I have. She did it the old fashioned way – by hand. It may have taken a bit more time but the result was the same, sometimes even better. Tips from the past are all over the internet, families pass them on and people love sharing them. Below are a few interesting ones to try.

1. To cook a cracked egg, wrap the egg in waxed paper, twist the ends and drop in boiling water. (I now feel guilty throwing out eggs that have cracked en-route home)

2. Save the water in which vegetables are cooked to make stock. (Great advice)

3. Add a teaspoon of baking powder to every four eggs when making an omelet (beaten in thoroughly). The omelet will be considerably lighter, more attractive and tasty. (I am keen to try this one)

4. Pastry shells will bake smoothly without blisters if, after placing the crust in the pan and pricking, you place another pie tin of the same size on top of the dough. (No baking beads – no problem)

5. To stop bananas turning brown, wrap them in a tea-towel and store them in a cupboard. (I need to do this as my bananas always end up brown as we dont eat them quick enough)

6. You can keep your potatoes longer if you pop a piece of ginger into it when you open the bag. (worth a try) 

7. Save the inner packets from cereal boxes; they make ideal bags for storing cakes and biscuits. (Waste not want not!) 

8. Add a little milk to onions while frying, this will help retain a rich colour and prevent them from burning. (Not sure about this one – would love to know if you use it though)

9. After peeling onions cut in half and soak in water for about 5 minutes. Now, when you cut these onions your eyes will not water. (I have been know to wear my sunglasses LOL)

10. Don’t store potatoes near onions, they rot quickly. (Opps – ok so where can I move my potatoes to?) 

11. A cut onion in a bowl in your child’s bedroom at night will help clear their nose if they have a cold. (I have tried this and although a bit smelly – seems to help!) Vanessa

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PS:  its a miracle sometimes our posts get published. Yesterday I had a minor car crash right outside work (embarrassing but not my fault), I had a day care call saying Leo had a fever of 38.5, I decided to take him to work only to discover he pooped and I had no nappy. I had a grumpy and defiant 5 year old (going on 15), got vomited on and then the blog server was down! How do we do it? Honestly – with difficulty, lots of laughs and a few tears!  Make that lots of tears!

ARGHHHH 6.30am and attempting to get the post finished and Leo has just tipped out the cats’ biscuits all over the floor! Lets hope today is less eventful! 

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