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World famous in our family – Our dad is ‘world famous in our family’ for making a cracking good pasta sauce. He doesn’t have a recipe, and every sauce is slightly different however what remains the same is it’s intensity of flavour, richness of the sauce and the satisfaction at the end of the meal that you’ve eaten something that was pretty special. It was how Ingrid’s English partner, Jim was introduced to the family, he was driven straight from the airport to the dinner table, a massive tea towel tucked under his chin, and Rino’s pasta sauce shoved under his nose.

The TV Show –  So, a couple of months ago, when Shelley from Two Heads production, facebooked us to see if we were interested in being involved in Mike from The Food Truck’s new series ‘Family Recipes‘ it was a no brainer. Vanessa and I have spent years trying to get Dad to write down his recipe, his answer  ‘Their isn’t one!’ was grrrrrr rather frustrating. However this time, we coaxed it out of him with a few wines, and told him your sauce is going to be on TV – so you seriously need to give it to us, so we don’t stuff it up! Clearly, he was a bit precious about us doing his sauce justice, as all of a sudden, the ingredients started to fall out of his mouth.


The recipe – So, their is a recipe after all – albeit, its a little bit of this, a little bit less than a tablespoon of that – even our mum couldn’t believe some of the secret ingredients that went into making the sauce. Even though Dad was born in Italy, over the years, clearly all the mix of cultures living in NZ have had some influence. His pasta sauce was definately not ‘traditional’ but a fusion of Asian and Indian – how strange you say! Yep, but that’s Dad’s sauce and boy, it’s bloody good.

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So, about that TV Show. Would you believe it took 22 hours of filming to get about 22 minutes of TV! It was quite an experience!

Here are some highlights and low downs

  • Mike gave us the smallest knifes in the world to chop with.
  • It was noted that Ingrid is pretty bad at chopping anything.
  • Dad may have got Mike a little bit tipsy at dinner.
  • Hair and makeup was done by Vanessa and Ingrid.
  • The massive lights to make us look ok blew the power at my Aunties house.
  • These massive lights, + filming and children do not mix.
  • Mike was more handsome in real life.


Dad’s recipe and Vanessa and Ingrid’s version of his pasta sauce will be posted on Wednesday night!

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  1. Genie says:

    I look forward to watching 🙂

  2. kerry stace says:

    looks really great!
    Please send me your Xmas calendar!!

  3. Meg says:

    Oh lovely will have to check it out

  4. Tim says:

    Looking forward to watching it tonight!

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