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I have loved researching this post! I cook a lot of chicken and are always on the lookout for interesting and new ways to vamp it up a bit. I do the usual panfrying, grilling, BBQing and roasting. I have even boiled it inspired by Marion Grasby’s book “Marion” with her fantastic Beggar’s chicken recipe. Check out these ideas for inspiration next time you are having chicken – like tonight!

1. Smoked chicken by the guys at Eat a duck I must – if you speak Japanese you will understand their play on words!

2. Coke Teriyaki chicken by Emily at Fuss free cooking

3. Pulled chicken by Cristal a Canadian nutritionalist, massage therapist and foodie.

4. Boiled chicken AKA Hainanese chicken rice photographed and tested by Ribbon and circus who got the recipe from steamy kitchen.

5. Chicken under a brick – you just have to try this one, check out the “sympathy for the devil” post by Paul at Giusto Gusto

6. Beer can chicken – the combination of chipotle ale and a BBQ sounds awesome.



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  1. Paulie T says:

    Stoked you guys are digging the recipe, many thanks from NC.

    Paulie T – GiustoGusto

    • Yes totally love the idea of chicken under a brick – we do heaps of BBQs in NZ and I think it would be perfect! Your rub looks GREAT too – pity we cant get it here in NZ, can we?

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