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Every kids party I go to my son tanks up on the sugar. The usual fare is fairy bread, sausage rolls, cherrios, chips, cup cakes, lollies lollies lollies and of course cake. As much as I want my son to have fun and enjoy party treats I find myself hovering over him attempting to get him to eat anything sugar and colour free. At Jake’s last party, the big 5th birthday, I made up party lunch boxes with reasonably healthy muesli and fruit bars, small packets of chips, fruit based jelly lollies and a small packet of juice. I also had a big plate of melon and pineapple as well as sushi. Check out these cool ideas for your next party…

1. Fruit boat – what a pretty creation using a watermelon as a boat and flower flags. (sorry no recipe here but includes other ideas for a healthy kids party)

2. Mac n cheese muffins – ingenious, my son loves mac n cheese and this would fill him up and keep him going.

3. Cream cheese and pineapple spread – kids and adults alike will love this one, it would look great at an adults summer party too.

4. Apple crisps sprinkled with cinnamon – they might be a lot of work but a tasty and fruity take on chips.

OR check out these ideas and pics of our cute and cheeky boys at a Foodopera pirate party

Pirate party food for kids

Pirate party food for kids


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