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My baby daughter turned one and I wanted to celebrate it, but not in the big crazy way I celebrated my son’s first birthday. As much as the guests seemed to love his first birthday, I found myself racing around feeding, watering, and cleaning up after 30 adults and 15 kids and pretty much missed most of the fun. Sometimes small and simple is special and wonderful (well at least for me!)


So with my mum, my cousin and her 18 month old boy, Sam I decided to spend a whimsical hour at   The Fairy Shop and cafe on Auckland’s (NZ) Ponsonby Road. It was enchanting, wonderous and pink, pink pink.


My baby girl sat still on her throne (amazing for a one year old) and watched in awe while the captivating fairy took us all on a fairytale adventure via storytelling, fairy dust, bubbles and dancing (never, ever coming out of character – my mum tried many many times to strike up normal conversation to no avail ) then Eliza devoured a delicate pink iced cupcake and dainty sandwiches with undainty one year old manners.


As for the adults, we sat on the balcony with warm scones, jam, cream and flat whites and watched the delight.


Perfect for birthdays and a lovely treat for Nana’s and granddaughters. Either pop in for a coffee and a cake, or book and join the cafe session they have every morning with the resident Fairy.

Do It Yourself Fairy parties

If you just love fairies, cupcakes, bubbles and all the enchantment of  Wonderland here are some places to visit, some ideas to try and beautiful websites in which to get inspiration so you can create it all in your own home or garden.

fairy party ideas

1. What little girl wouldn’t love these Marshmallow fairy wands.

2. Create Fairy dust with mason jars, ribbons and any of the following from your local craft store: glitter, sand, small sequins.

3. Place Paper Butterflies on each piece of cake as seen in Donna Hay Kids Magazine.

4. Buy Beautiful hand painted and dyed butterfly cupcake toppers

5. Cut fairy bread into heart shapes.

6. For more grown up fairies make Mazurek rose with toasted almonds decorated with rose petals – you can translate the page to English!

7. Make Vanessa’s lemon and polenta biscuits and add edible wafer paper ballet fairies to the tops of your biscuits.

8. Quench your fairies thirsts with a Lemon syrup yoghurt shake served in jars with the rims dipped in hundreds and thousands.

9. Macarons are so popular right now, so why not replace cupcakes with Pink macarons with raspberry filling.

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  1. Theresa says:

    Thanks so much for visiting and your great feedback. We feel priviledged to get to be part of so many parents and children’s magical days! Come again.

  2. Ingrid Opera says:

    Hi Theresa, It was a magical experience for my baby girl, so we will be back. Thanks, Ingrid

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