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If only staying at home with kids meant wearing a cute pinny, baking whilst the kids played nicely, a tidy home and a hot and healthy homecooked meal on the table at 6pm. My experience is more like hair tied up, grubby trackies or jeans, separating kids and moving them away from the doors, TV, remotes, olders brothers, things or each other with a glass of wine in my hand. The meal more often than not features baked beans, fish fingers, frozen peas or a food parcel my parents have delivered! I am constantly striving to achieve the old school domestic goddess – not sure I will ever get there working full time and blogging in my spare time but I am thinking some of these cute things above will give others the right impression.

  1. How cute is this retro vintage baking pic. You can download it here for $2.00 USD and frame it or make labels or gift tags.
  2. Imagine coming home to these tins filled with homemade biscuits and cakes – maybe this is your inspiration to get baking?
  3. Made with love vintage stamp – perfect stamped onto brown card and tied around your cake or batch of biscuits. What a thoughtful and loving gift.
  4. New but looks retro – Falconware baking sets. These never date and look fantastic for food photography.
  5. I love these heart shaped doilies.  I am guessing for a heart shaped cake but would look amazing as bunting.
  6. Imagine a good old mince pie sitting in this tin with big squirt of tomato sauce – the way to a mans heart? Im sold!
  7. Pretty and cute labels but the bonus with these is they are re-useable. Peel them off the jars and stick to your pantry door whilst you dishwasher cleans the jars! perfect!
  8. These paper cake pans are adorable, this and a dusting of icing sugar is all the decoration your cake would need.
  9. You have to look the part when you are baking and this lovely apron will make you look and feel like a domestic godess – I want one.


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