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1. Jules from Merci Mamma whips up this amazing victoria sponge cake decorated with balsamic strawberries and basil. She shoots with her broken point and shoot iphone and dedicates her blog to her mother who gave her foodie inspirations. (sorry Jules I know you hate the word foodie!)

2. This simple  and stylish sponge is from the site FleaingFrance. Unfortunately there is no recipe to accompany the vanilla bean sponge cake with meringue frosting however the idea of a big blob of meringue on top of a soft fluffy sponge makes me want to experiment…

3. If you are into all things pretty – you have to check out this blog. It makes me want to go all girlie and feminine! The sponge cake featured for her Dads birthday hence holding back on the prettiness but never the less its beautiful. It consists of Brazil nut sponge cake layers with baba de moça filling covered with meringue frosting. Baba de moça is a traditional Brazilian recipe. YUM!

4. The patriotic sponge – A bite of Briton. Of course with 4th July coming up and Bastille day on the 14th – you could get away with with whipping up this sponge however I can’t imagine the French making a traditional English recipe LOL. The recipe has been adapted from Nigella Lawson’s Victoria sponge. Honest cooking online magazine claims to feature over 300 of the world’s most interesting food and beverage writers, bloggers, photographers and chefs. We better get there aye Ingrid?

5.You have to scroll right to the bottom of the BEAUTIFUL wedding photography to check out the beautiful beautiful beautiful cake. It was made by the brides sister so no recipe included but hopefully the pictures are enough to give you inspiration.

6. Simple, pretty, cheap and stunning – how about a sponge cake for your wedding? Her little place is a collection of things that catch blogger Huma Qureshis eye, it is everything food, travel and home – enjoy! Once again no recipe but lots of inspiration.

7. Sarvani from the blog baker in disguise actually steered clear of the kitchen for most of her life. Her blog is a personal diary of her adventures in baking. Her Victoria sponge cake is a testament to the allure of Jane Austen’s writing two hundred years later!

8. How impressive does this cake look? This strawberry-raspberry Charlotte is  created by slicing sponge roll and placing in a bowl and filling it with strawberry mousse. Sabine originally from Germany shares the sweetness in life in her blog Berry Lovely. 

9. One dark and one light wedged together with raspberry sauce and chocolate mousse – total decadence! If you scroll down you get the English translation for the blog taste your life.


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