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1. Cabinet Door Lid Rack – made from a towel rack.  I have a teeny tiny kitchen and I’m always struggling to find the right pot lid for the correct pot. It’s not unusual to find me using a pot lid double the size of the pot – cringe! so I just love this space saving rack. Buy from Ikea or ebay (ships worldwide) Photo: Martha Stewart

2. DIY Magnetic spice tins – These have been around awhile, but I always thought they were quite expensive in the shops – but not, if you make them yourself! Show off your favourite spices and herbs in modern and funky tins. They will look great on the fridge as well as get them out of much needed drawers and shelves.

3. Use unused wall space to hang useful and/or beautiful kitchen products – think Grandma’s wooden spoon, enamel colander, or all your essential kitchen utensils. I bought my kitchen hooks and rack from My Flat Pack (NZ customers), which sells Ikea products and furniture. They may not have it on their website, but an email or phone call will let you know if they have some in stock. Other options are to buy on ebay, or your local Ikea store.
Photo: Nico Alary

4. The everything drawer – If your anything like me, you will have scissors stuffed in one drawer, pens randomly slotted in with the spoons, pegs (for sealing frozen peas and things) scattered amongst the whisk, spatula and ice cream scoop and an assortment of batteries hanging with the cling film and tin foil. This may just be the solution I’m searching for. Amazon sell a similar product.

5. Clear plastic food containers are a must have, simply because you can see what’s in them (what you can’t see get’s forgotten, right?), but make sure they are stackable, you don’t even need to buy expensive ones, supermarket style is perfect especially if you stick these free printage vintage labels on them. You can find every type of label for all your pantry items at fabnfree.

6. Vintage styled Tiered fruit basket – I bought one of these last year, it was my first attempt at trying to clear my work benches, so anything stackable is a winner for me. However I find we use the bottom tier for all the random stuff that you haven’t got a place for, so I’m off to get the everything drawer, so my fruit basket can be just that. If you need even more space, what about a three tiered hanging fruit basket.

7. Corner kitchen plate stacker – a super affordable way to get some more space in your cupboards, and make it easier to get the bottom plate! NZ customers can try The storage box

8. Over sink organiser – what a great idea to create more space in a place usually ignored. It’s quite attractive too! I would add some herb pots on top, as my sink is under the window.

9. Magnetic knife rack – When I was visiting my in laws in England, and saw their ‘de-cluttered kitchen’ I put this on my list of things to buy when I got home. I got rid of my chunky wooden knife block that threatened to fall off the bench every time I started chopping. To grab yourself one try Home essentials or Living and Giving (NZ customers) or  ebay (worldwide shipping).
Photo: designsponge.com

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  1. Genie says:

    Love the tiered fruit basket! Now that we are getting produce delivered, we have much more fruit than our bench top is used to.

    A cheap option is to keep cute tin cans like retro bean cans and those cool golden syrup cans. I line them up on the windowsill to keep utensils in.

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