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I’m totally into no fuss, easy peasy, eyes closed kind of meals and dishes that any ole numpty can make. I freak out at long recipes, words and phrases I’ve never heard of or can’t pronounce. I’ve only just figured out what “Nom Nom” means. I thought it was some sort of asian spice, as I kept seeing it on sushi billboards around where I live. So these types of slices and squares really suit my life, my time and my energy levels, in fact they improve my energy levels when I’ve got the two kids on the go.

No bake Chocolate Peanut butter slice

OK, so layer one is crunchy biscuits, layer two is gooey peanut butter and then layer three (if you actually needed more) is smooth rich chocolate. What’s not to like here, from the girls at Baking makes things better .

No bake Energy bars

Stephanie from food blog Henry happened (such a neat name for a blog!) made these super simple, dont require much energy ‘energy’ bars. Just mix, spread and refridgerate and the jobs done. Full of oatmeal, cherries, raisins, chocolate chips and binded together with peanut butter and honey with a hint of vanilla, don’t you think these bars just sound so moorish.

No Bake Lemon slice

You probably have the ingredients to this slice already in your pantry Sasa from food blog Sasaunakku says – plain biscuits, dessicated coconut, sweetened condensed milk, butter and lemons.  Again, it’s a throw together, doesn’t require any training, can’t muck this one up kind of recipe (which we all like right!) Sasa also reckons this should be added to the emergency ‘someone’s dropping around, and you have nothing to offer’ list.

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