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Rice is so versatile and if your a little brave, you should try some of these colourful recipes – the burgers are definately on my weekend eats list , and the soup …I just can’t take my eyes off it – it’s one of those photos that makes you say YUM out loud. And, I’m so intrigued by the Black sticky rice ice cream – that if anyone gives it a go before I do, please let us know the results. Ingrid

1. Bake it in a pie – Italian style

Sweet rice pie from Tammy of blog Food on the Food

2.  Lick it

Black sticky rice ice cream – by a very talented Sherie of food blog Maameemoomoo

3. Whack it in a burger

Black Rice and Mushroom Burgers with Cucumber Garlic Yogurt – from Canadian food blog The gouda life

Rice dishes

4. Skewer it

Black Sesame Sweet Rice Dumplings from Xiaolu’s blog, 6 Bittersweets

5.  Roll it

Moroccan sweet rice briouats (sweet puff pastry) from Scarletts delightful blog Fork and Flower

6. Make cake

Orange rice cake with Cointreau from Polish blog Everyday flavours
The recipe comes from the book Sweets and Candies by Alessandra Zecchini – (another Italian kiwi food blogger!)

interesting ways with Rice

7. Add it to soup

Lemon Pea and Rice Soup – from Andrea’s New York blog Cooking books

8. Restaurant style

Pumpkin arancini with blue cheese fondue and port wine syrup – from American TV chef Tyler Florence

9. Salad

Wild Rice Salad with Apricots & Almonds and Apricot Dressing – from Liren of food blog Kitchen Confidante

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