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I was born in the 70’s, remember the 80’s and some of the 90’s the best, and I just love love love (and feel a bit old!) how we are now seeing bits and bobs from my era, that are considered vintage or retro and kind of COOL! In fact, Vanessa and I raided our mum’s top cupboard for Temuka styled pottery and stoneware to use in our food photography recently and I was asked to source the same era for a photoshoot on slow cooking. Remember any of these retro soup bowls above?

1. Tomato and mushroom soup – no recipe required. | 2. Floral + Geometric stackable soup/coffee mugs | 3. Harlequin Japanese soup bowls | 4. Large self titled Soup Cup | 5. Rustic Clay Soup Crocks | 6. Vintage French Soup Ladles | 7. Japanese bowls with birds, flowers and crowns | 8. Flower power | 9. Name your soup


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