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1. Cute wooden spoons for the ice cream lover. Serve them with Joanna Goddard’s best chocolate ice cream ever.

2. Dusty and Lulu, the creative couple behind cool homeware such as this Sweet Cheeks teatowel are all about making cooking and cleaning fun and sexy.

3. Wouldn’t a proposal with this Chocolate dessert ring, be something to talk about for years to come.

4. I love Hersheys kisses, so I’m not sure they would last 14 days before Valentines day but it’s a seriously cute idea. Kiss me countdown 

5. A great start to any marriage, learning to cook well with The Newlywed cookbook.

6.  Giant fabric heart sticker – How sweet if your bloke wears this to work on Valentines day!

7. Make Vanessa’s chocolate coffee cake and package it up in this Sweet Treats bakery box.

8. Make your valentines gift unique with this Free Printable geometric heart shaped wrapping paper 

9. I love retro styled homeware and I think this Vintage motel sign print will bring back some romance.

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