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Its Friday, Mother’s day is 2 days away, my job this week was to come up with a potluck of suitable mothers day gifts with a foodie slant. I decided to look for things affordable (its not about the $$$)  and to be honest, things I would like to receive. I would be more than happy with these gifts, and over the moon if I received a selection. My top 3 would have to be number 8, number 3 and number 1. What would you like to get this Sunday? Hint Hint share the link with your loved ones and see what happens…

1. I already have a keepcup, its a couple of years old and still going strong. I use it daily in my quest to save money buying takeaway coffees (I was addicted to buying them). I love the fact that you can totally customise it to suit and it NEVER leaks and is super easy to pull apart and clean – highly recommended. Some cafes even give you a cheaper coffee because you are saving trees.

2. I have a thing about this honey – I love the simple packaging, love some of the names Viper Bugloss, White Clover and Wild Thyme and love the taste. Its just so lovely spreading something special on your toast as the chaos around you escalates and you race out the door in the mornings. (or even worse you are stuck at home with the chaos!)

3. So I first saw this book at Whitcoulls Albany mall Auckland and took it upstairs whilst Jake played in the toy section. I flicked through it and was transported to believing I could have the life of Gweneth Paltrow and get skinny. What convinced me even more was the pic of her helper??? who lets us see a before and after pic of her, prior to the completion of the book. She undertakes the Paltrow philosophy of organic, natural, wholesome super foods, loses weight and looks fab.. After reading a few reviews however Gwenny is mocked about being very out of touch with family life today and the fact that some of the ingredients are super pricey. I am starting to be swayed from cheap and cheerful to less is more and quality over quantity and seeing a real life transformation pic sells it for me!

4. Just like the honey, I am a sucker for lovely packaging. I have tried the hot cinnamon spice tea and its great. I cant wait to try chocolate and coconut – it sounds divine. Did I mention the tea is in beautiful silk bags – adorable.

5. Who can resist a bit of foodie escapism in Rome – Its so much better than 50 shades of grey and I got sucked into reading all 3!

6. Ahhhh the words say it all really and being a mum for the past 5 years I have so much more respect for the amazing way mums juggle life, they make things so special for their kids, do the same stuff over and over again without complaining, have a solution for everything and make everything ok – all of this before they think of themselves.

7. Another bit of escapism – a single mum with a 6 year old daughter opens a chocolate shop in rural France and cure lost hopes and awaken unexpected emotions with her luscious candies. I do believe food can cure and make us feel better as well as the saying its the way to a mans heart!

8. I am not a bubbles person, I prefer chardonnay every time however there is something special about the romance of bubbles. This beautiful bottle is a tribute by winemaker Daniel Le Brun  to his wife Adele. How cool is that!

9. The words from the Dollop girls say it all – One of the new kids on the block, we have to thank the Frenchies for inspiring this one! But we have given it a good Dolloping, and as it is made using our lovely custard, it is one perfect little treat. Smooth and silky, with the perfect balance of vanilla and golden caramel sauce, it sure hits the spot. And believe it or not, is is actually 95% fat free! 

So I sure hope my kids find this link and hunt out a couple of these treats for Sunday…

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  1. Genie says:

    I have a thing for that honey too. I think J Friend is everyone’s friend. 🙂 We usually get Mum flowers and take her out for a meal but this year I’m cooking!

  2. Yes I agree J Friend – everyones friend LOL what is it the taste? the packaging?
    The whole deal? Nothing better than a thoughtful home cooked meal – nicer than being in a crowded cafe with the entire world when often the service and quality isn’t up to scratch as they are snowed under.

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