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1. Super cute t-shirt featuring silly, smile-inducing designs about the ‘poor egg’ that’s about to become your breakfast!
2. Country chicken tea towel from a website called I love chickens dedicated to, you guessed it….chickens
3. How adorable is this ceramic yellow egg crate – we always seem to put our eggs in the fridge when they are best stored and used at room temperature. The solution is these bright, fun egg crates in all the colours of the rainbow.
4. How sweet are these chicken egg botantical sachets filled with beautiful scents of lavender, jasmine and rose.
5. Chicken shaped dish from a web store dedicated to chickens  – if your really keen you can even buy your very own chicken coop here!
6. These hand painted London skyline egg cups make me wish I had concentrated a bit more in art class. I love black and white illustration especially when it reminds me of my life ten years ago in London.
7. Do you have eggs to sell? or are you like me and like the idea of living off the land but the just know having a chicken running around your backyard would just drive you mad. Either way this fresh eggs from happy chickens sign would look good on the roadside or in your kitchen.
8. Kitchen wall decal: How very cute having chicken nibbling at your feet but no need to clean up any mess.
9. Loving this retro and distressed style Metal serving tray. You will too.


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