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Fruit on toast How delicious does this look? My kids would love it too. I can even imaging serving these colourful treats up at a summer kids party. A drizzel of honey or maple syrup wouldn’t go a miss either.

Apple, peanut butter and honey I love peanut butter but often it sticks to the roof of my mouth and I feel it needs another texture to break it up. Apple slices and honey sounds like the perfect combination to glam up a simple sandwich.

Fig Hazelnut and Ricotta Crostinis An adult version. This would go nice with a chilled glass of wine or three…

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Salmon on toast I have a salmon addiction, I can’t say no, this dish gets me every time. Imagine it made with this salmon from the Auckland Fish Markets,  its expensive but sooo worth it.

Poached eggs on toast Runny poached eggs are so nostalgic and comforting. How disappointed are you when you order them at a cafe and they aren’t runny? i always send them back.

Balsamic mushrooms on toast This dish by FoodOpera received the GOLD medal for the most popular post. We attempted to recreate a dish at a favourite cafe “Dizzengoff”. Take my word for it, we really did it justice and these mushrooms are to die for. They are also fantastic on top of a juicy steak.

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Scrambled eggs on toast Sorry no recipe here but a beautiful image and reminder how delicious scrambled eggs are. This is how I make them. I whisk up the eggs, add a bit of butter to a pan, pour the eggs in and when they are just starting to set, more them around a bit with a spoon. I do this a couple of times and take them out before they are totally set. I don’t add salt and pepper until afterwards. I also make scrambled eggs for Leo 16 months old in the microwave. I do the same as above but heat in 30 sec intervals. I egg only needs 2 x 30 seconds – easy!

Avocado and chili sauce on toast  Avocado – what a super food and sooo delicious. I love love love it with chili especially Siracha sauce. Sriracha is made from sun ripen chilies which are ground into a smooth paste along with garlic and packaged in a convenient squeeze bottle.

Cheese on toast OMG doesn’t this version of cheese on toast just make you want to drool. Its made with a smoked cheese – even better. Check out some New Zealand smoked cheeses here.



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