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I love soup, I love making it as well as eating it, its so nourishing and comforting. Although I make my own I do buy the ‘fresh’ packet soups from the chiller section every now and then, Chinese chicken and corn from a can and yes I also buy ‘soup in a cup’ sachets for those emergency lunches/snacks at work. You can’t beat making your own though, usually its cheap as chips, healthier and tastes a whole lot better…

Today I am not providing recipes or even links to recipes, just a few delicious pictures and my memories of my top 6 all time favourite soups. Often the best recipes come from friends and family so ask around and if you stumble across a goodie – please share!

Vanessa’s 6 soups she can’t live without – in no particular order!

Seafood Chowder – I think my first memory of seafood chowder would have been at Cobb and Co restaurant about 30 years ago. I remember they had a salad bar and there was always a couple of soups. Dad would always start with soup and like they say – you learn from your parents, I did the same. I can’t imagine it would have been the most amazing chowder but to a pre-teen in the 80s – the experience was lasting. My next chowder memory is a lot more exotic, it’s eating a cob loaf scooped out and filled with rich creamy  chowder crammed with fresh seafood at “drum roll” the Fishermans Wharf – San Francisco.

Pea and Ham – Once again Dad features in this memory, he used to make this soup and growing up I loved the smell of the bacon hock simmering away ( I think Ingrid and her flexitarian ways had the opposite experience here). You never seem to see it on menus these days but when I do I always order it. The Dutch do a similar version called Snert – the name doesn’t do it justice.

French Onion – I didn’t grow up with it but somewhere along the way I decided to start making it – I totally love the sweetness of the onions and the strong cheesy flavours. Check out an old blog post for my version of French onion soup.

Brocoli and Blue Cheese – Any soup with blue cheese will do it for me! I do have a lasting memory of sitting in a cosy and quaint pub (one of the many Red Lions) in the English countryside having brocoli and stilton soup, fresh bread and lashing of butter. It was blustery outside, the fire was roaring and I didnt have a care in the world and was probably planning my next trip around Europe – ahhh those were the days!

Tom Yum – Dad again, he would take us out to Thai restaurants and frequently order the hot,sour and spicy Tom Yum. I didn’t pay too much attention then, but on a trip to Thailand fell totally in LOVE with the soup! I ate soups so hot I had to keep eating them to chase away the burn. I was addicted – it was a daily ritual. I tried re-creating it at home and had moderate success. There is something about ordering a meal in Thailand from a bar and discovering a random street hawker delivering your food and being charged tripple. Priceless!

Chinese Chicken and Corn/Chicken and Corn Chowder – This is my comfort soup, my make me feel better soup, and my kids quick and easy dinner soup mixed with rice. I aren’t so keen on the egg in the Chinese version but the tinned soup I buy often (Watties) calls itself Chinese. It’s my I can’t be bothered cooking soup, it fills me up and makes me feel good. Its also fantastic made with your own chicken stock, creamed corn and shredded chicken.

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Classic New England Clam Chowder

Pea and Ham Soup

French Onion Soup

Broccoli and blue cheese soup

Tom yum goong

Chicken sweetcorn soup

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  1. Sam says:

    Thanks for sharing my link for broccoli and blue cheese soup :-). Nice to discover your blog.

  2. No problem at all Sam, like I said in the post, I cant go past soup with blue cheese in it and yours looks divine!

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