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black white cookies

Oh my, I’m totally eating with my eyes right now. These Black & White Cookies: Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip & Dark Chocolate Dark Brown Sugar from food blog Averie Cooks look so decadently rich which is just the way I like them. Averie describes them as soft, moist, buttery, creamy, fudgy and intensely chocolaty. Are you serious!. Vanessa

seriously good chocolate chip cookies

What’s not to love about Chocolate Chip cookies especially when they are Seriously Good ones! Meg from kiwi food blog Growing Kiwis searched for sometime to find the perfect chew/crunch combo for these towering cookies. She reckons this recipe ‘is the one’. Check out her gorgeous photos and fun recipes. She’s a very talented photographer and a wonder woman fan – (does that mean you have the outfit?) Ingrid

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Blackberry And ApplePie

How good does this pie look? Ingrid has just finished a photo-shoot with Helen from Foodlovers and by chance I find myself at her site drooling at her pie at 7am Sunday morning. This pie is nostalgic for me, as kids we used to forage wild blackberries in the undeveloped section next door. Gone are those days – I never see blackberry bushes around the neighbourhood. Today we are going to have a pork roast for lunch, its raining outside, the skies are grey – I think this calls for Helen’s apple pie and a quick trip to the supermarket for some frozen berries. Vanessa


I just kept coming back to this gorgeous Apple pomegranate galette, naturally sweetened and made with a whole wheat dough (that means I can eat more right?) It was created by cute couple Alex and Sonja from Indiana food blog A couple cooks who have their fingers in so many pies. One such pie slice is a benefit cookbook that helps out the Green Mango Cafe & Bakery restaurant in Battambang, Cambodia which provides culinary training and life skills for at-risk young women (I have actually dined in this restaurant, on my travels and I remember the food was incredible, the staff were welcoming and the atmosphere was electric). Their blog is worth a visit especially for such dishes as Ricotta dumplings with kale pesto. Yum. Ingrid

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chard and leek and mozza pizza

I love pizza, it has to be thin crust though. This Swiss Chard & Corn Pizza with Cherry Tomatoes and Basil made by Renee at sweet sugar bean is a great way to bump up the vege quota and it looks amazing. It’s funny when I read her bio, it sounded familiar – she has similar foodie ideas to me and obviously I really love her stuff as I am sure I have featured her in a previous blogger v blogger post!  Vanessa


Our dad found a bargain the other day, two pizza stones for $10NZ each – one for Vanessa and one for me – so, I’m on the lookout for simple pizza recipes, one’s the kids can help me with. Before I got the pizza stone, I used to hate how my pizza base would either be soggy on the bottom or in order to get it crispy, it would end up hard as an old leather boot. That’s why I love Dana’s Simple Deep Dish Pizza as she uses a cast iron pan to bake it in the oven – a guaranteed perfectly cooked base every time! Ingrid

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Salmon sliders

When I checked out the web for bloggers doing sliders I was surprised how much pulled pork was around! I like pork but am a bit over hearing the words pulled pork so often (sorry Ingy – Ingrid’s pulled pork) . Salmon is my thing at the moment – today I have eaten salmon sashimi for lunch (Leo my 16 month loved it too) and then hot smoked salmon on toast for dinner – yes addicted! Considering this I couldn’t go past Jessica’s salmon blt sliders with chipotle mayo. Jessica runs the blog “How sweet it is”. She loves bacon and chocolate and despite being a foodie blogger – isn’t really into veges! I love how she talks about sliders being so little, you can eat heaps of them and that they are like eating fun weekend food on cruddy school nights LOL being a teacher – that hit the spot! Vanessa


Don’t these look delicious, a spot retro and a great idea for Meatless Monday. Megan from food blog Take a Megabite makes the light brioche slider bun as well as the vegetarian black bean and goats cheese pattie. How neat would these look piled high on a tray with the cute flags and served at a casual ‘slider’ party. If only I still went to parties, or hosted them that would be real nice. The parties I go to now are more fairy bread and sausage rolls! Go check out Megan’s blog, it’s well worth the visit for a quirky and witty read as well as some interesting recipes such as Coffee marshmallow and salted caramel topped brownies. Ingrid

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