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Ingredients-6139-copy Frittata with Spring Onion, Chard & Chevre – This is my type of meal. I am definitely a savory girl when it comes to breakfast and chevre (goats cheese) is totally divine. (It sounds like I am in good company with Heidi from Foodie Crush and her cheese obsession!) Its quite pricy here in NZ and you really don’t get much for your money however being mothers day today, its time we were spoilt! The recipe comes from the blog Camille Styles (actually her real name!) and features posts about entertaining, food, beauty and style and life – what more do we need? Vanessa¬†



I’m a big fan of Heidi’s food photography and her cheese obsession. I think this Strawberry bruschetta grilled cheese would make a really interesting brunch for mum, yet it still ticks the rustic and comforting box (which is what I feel like with the rainy weather we have been experiencing in Auckland of late). Don’t worry if strawberries aren’t in season, you can always get them at Nosh (free flowing frozen ones) or at most gourmet supermarkets. This makes my heart melt right now. Ingrid


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