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Chicken And Egg Rice Bow

Maybe not as budget as Ingrids find but this chicken, egg and rice dish from blog sea salt with food really rocks my boat. Using eggs means you need less chicken and most of the ingredients are already in my pantry. I am sure you could use regular mushrooms and omit the Chinese wine if you don’t have any hiding in the back of your pantry. Vanessa

Stuffed Sweet Potato

I’m always using Beth’s blog Budget Bytes for ideas and inspiration for economical dinners for the family. She takes the guesswork out of shopping and hands all the information to you on a plate. She really needs a book deal! Her loaded sweet potatoes are $1.80 (US) per serving but they look like they would feed a king. Ingrid


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  1. Nice post. Both dishes seem very delicious and they’re really quite budget friendly. Thanks for sharing.

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