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Opera is our last name, believe or not! The story goes that our great great Italian grandfather, liked Opera music so much he changed by deed poll our family name from Opara to Opera. However, we didn’t inherit the singing gene, food and photography is our passion. We started our blog in 2009, when we both started having kids. It was a way for us to stay creative, to work and play together whilst we were on maternity leave. Now, with two kids each, day jobs! and crazy busy lives this is our way to stay connected to each other – sometimes we see each other on skype more than in person! Shocking isn’t it. Our blog keeps us sane and the kids fed when all turns to custard. We hope you stay a while, cook some of our recipes and share some of your favourites with us. Vanessa and Ingrid

What to expect on the FoodOpera blog
Each week, we post a sister vs sister cook off where we choose a seasonal ingredient, a cuisine or a theme and off we go into our kitchens to whip up a dish that might just outsmart the other sister. We try to keep our recipes laid back and easy to prepare, as that’s what works in our homes. We are also on a journey to improve our food photography, so our blog is a way for us to experiment, learn and improve. You only need to flick through the archive pages of FoodOpera to see, YES, thankfully we have improved!

What’s all the other menu’s about?
On a Wednesday we post a How to or a Quick eats in our Takeaway drop down menu. It’s mostly stuff we want to know ourselves, like Top 10 ideas with leftover ham or How to make your own curry powder.

On a Friday, we showcase some of the most inspired food and kitchen related products and ideas from fellow bloggers, crafters or artisans such as this cute scootering pig printed on a tea towel from Hammade.

On a Sunday, fellow food bloggers go head to head in a blogger vs blogger cook off showing how different the same recipe can look from different prospectives. If you want to submit a photo for our blogger vs blogger posts, do so here.

What’s our day jobs?
Vanessa is an graphics teacher to intermediate students. Ingrid is a freelance graphic designer and prop stylist for food magazines.

What else do we do?
We are currently featured in Real Magazine, New World Supermarket’s glossy food magazine. We have written about apples, created recipes using creme fraiche, tried out new spices with 30 minute curries.

So, how about the kids?
We both have 2 kids each, Vanessa is mum to five year old Jake and 1 year old Leo. Ingrid is mum to Rhys, three and a half and Eliza also one. Unplanned, we both also had our youngest children nine days apart, which was great for our maternity leave off, but not so good for sharing our No.1 babysitter, our mum.

Recently we were even on TV! ekkkkkk
Check out some of our TV moments here


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