plum sauce

There is nothing better than bringing out your own bottled sauce at the table and being able to state “this is a sauce I made with last years plums that fell off the tree…” hmmm…yes that would be nice, ¬†however, it’s not quite the case with this sauce.

These plums were bought for a photo shoot, the leftovers frozen and they were imported!!! (For magazine work we usually shoot in advance of the season, due to to publishing deadlines, so it’s quite often hard to use locally grown produce – I know it seems wrong, but that’s just how it is). So I had them in the freezer, all forgotten about – which is a major problem in my kitchen, what I can’t see doesn’t get used.

Miss Eliza 15 months, found them on one of her rummages (it goes like this: everything out of the freezer, now everything goes back in. Repeat), so we made plum sauce. It’s way easier than you think, you simply throw everything into a big pot and cook until pulpy. Simple as. Serve with pork tenderloins, roast duck breast, roast chicken, dumplings, spring rolls and burgers.

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  1. Jaymie says:

    How long does this sauce actually hold for? like expire. thanks

  2. Ingrid Opera says:

    Hi Jaymie, It will last for ever – well close to forever. The sugar and vinegar are natural preservatives so hopefully you would have used it well before ‘forever’

  3. Nikki says:

    Hi I made this Plum sauce today and had to toss it the 1/2 tspn Cayenne Pepper totally over powered all the other tastes I followed the recipie totally

    • Hi Nikki,
      Thanks for getting in touch. This recipe was adapted from a tried and tested recipe book in NZ called The Edmonds Cookbook Book. I also thought the original recipe of 1/2 tspn Cayenne pepper was overpowering (although I do like my plum sauce quite spicy) so I adjusted this recipe to 1/4 tspn. I found this worked for me. Would love to hear if anyone else found this the case also, as I will certainly make another batch and do some more taste testing. Thanks for letting us know your experience. : )
      PS: You didn’t read the recipe as 1 – 2 teaspoons by any chance?

  4. Jenny says:

    Is this recipe for plum sauce from the Nz Edmonds cookery book. I have been making it for years but have now lost my book! From memory I only put half amount of cayenne pepper.

    • Ingrid Opera says:

      Hi Jenny, It was adapted from the Edmonds Book – I reduced the amount of Cayenne pepper and also used fresh ginger. It’s interesting as the 1968 Edmonds book used 2 teaspoons however the most recent book uses 1/2 tsp. Maybe our tastebuds are a bit delicate these days!!! lol

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